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8Aug 2018

Take a look behind the scenes at International Duty Free

50.000 departing passengers at Brussels Airport

Summer months are the busiest period at Brussels Airport. Employees at the airport are working day and night to help in their travels. With more than 50.000 departing passengers, Monday July 30th was the busiest day of the year for Brussels Airport. RTL INFO, French tv channel, spoke with one of our colleagues, Thierry Impanis, warehouse worker at International Duty Free.

Brussels Airport, biggest selling point of chocolate in the world

Thierry Impanis: “Each day, 7 days a week, we are busy filling up the store shelves. From morning to evening”

Passengers can enjoy a relaxed shopping experience in the many shops at the airport while waiting for their flight. IDF, International Duty Free,  offers a wide selection of products ranging from perfumes and cosmetics to gastronomyfashionwines and spirits and even toys and sweets. Brussels Airport is the biggest selling point of chocolate in the world. Each year more than 800 ton of chocolate is sold at The Belgian Chocolate House , an initiative of International Duty Free, at the airport in Zaventem. That’s 1.4 kg of chocolate per minute, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

 Safety above all

Every day three trucks arrive at the airport filled with 20 carts full of products. These are 60 carts a day, filled with products that end up in the store shelves thanks to Thierry and his colleagues.

Working at the airport always involves a great responsibility. Nothing goes inside or outside without a thorough check. From the warehouse to the store shelves, the products are checked up to 4 times. Safety is therefore very important at the airport.

Watch the video here, from minute 2:55 you can hear the story of Thierry (only in French).

Image and video: RTL INFO

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