22Jul 2019


Paco Station to the rescue!

Refuel your sexiness before your flight
with the fragrance of your choice.

3 testing pump are presented to discover the fragrances.

Let the Paco Rabanne team help you pick your fuel
at the paco rabanne podium from July 16th until July 31st in your main TB shop
and from August 1st until August 15th in your main TA shop.

1 Million
The scent of success

‘all or nothing’ kinda guy.

Elegant and impertinent in equal measure, an intoxicating, powerful blend that starts our fresh and moves onto a spicy leather accord.

Key ingredients: blood mandarin, cinnamon, rose absolute, leather accord, peppermint, amber ketal.

The scent of hero

Defeat is never an option.

Ecstatically addictive, a powerful adrenalin shot for several winners. Power, courage, victory distilled into a daring smash-up of freshness and heat.

Key ingredients: marine accord, laurel leaf, ambergris accord,
grapefruit zests, guaiac wood.

Pure XS
The scent of excess

Born to be wild. Yes, that’s you. An untamed Oriental, obsessively hot and fresh. Excess in its purest state.

Key ingredients: ginger, white thyme, cinnamon, vanilla, myrrh.

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