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24May 2019

Puressentiel: thanks to IDF you now can enjoy natural well-being while travelling!

International Duty Free (IDF) is always on the lookout for new brands, concepts and services for all kinds of passengers. Now IDF has become the first travel retail partner of Laboratoire Puressentiel®. Brussels Airport Company is the first in-airport point of sale, after which the brand will be rolled out to other airports in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. In addition to its best-selling products, Puressentiel will also sell kits with 3 to 4 products that are adapted to travellers’ needs at IDF.

Puressentiel: the leading brand for natural health products

Puressentiel was established in 2005 in France by Isabelle and Marco Pacchioni. The brand’s mission is to source the best active natural ingredients and make them available to everyone in their purest form. The product range is both ethical and environmentally-responsible.

Puressentiel-family picture
Image: Puressentiel

In the past 14 years, the brand has always adhered to three fundamental values: natural, commitment and performance. So it’s easy to see how it became the undisputed market leader in such a short time!

Very accessible products

Puressentiel was the first brand to develop ready-to-use aromatherapy products for specific purposes. Its best-selling product is its Purifying Spray, which contains 41 different essential oils to purify the air in your home, eliminating viruses, dust mites, bacteria and other microbes.

Thanks to this innovative approach, Puressentiel became the preferred brand of such iconic ambassadors as Tony Parker, Johnny Wilkinson, Johanne Defay and, in Belgium, Jean-Michel Saive.

A unique concept for airports

Aromatherapy can be particularly useful when you’re travelling. That is why Puressentiel decided to develop a new Travellers Exclusive range to be sold in airports. IDF is the exclusive airport distributor of Puressentiel for Belgium, with shops in terminals A and B at Brussels Airport.

The range consists of 5 handy travel kits:

  • Flight essentials: includes the Circulation Express Tonic Spray, the SOS travel Roll-On, and the Stress Roll-On
  • Purifying essentials: includes the Purifying Air Spray (75ml), the Purifying Antibacterial Gel, the Antibacterial Lotion Spray Hands & Surfaces.
  • Jet lag essentials: includes the Rest & Relax Air Spray, the Respiratory Hypertonic Nasal Spray, the Headache Roll-On, and the Energy Stick
  • Adventure essentials: includes the Muscles and Joints Roller, the Anti-Sting Multi-Soothing Cream, and Bumps & Bruises
  • Best of Puressentiel: includes the Purifying Air Spray, the Rest and Relax Spray, the Headache Roll-On, and the Muscles and Joints Roller

The brand’s best-selling products will also be available separately in shops.

You can find more information about all these products online at https://puressentiel.be

IDF, Puressentiel’s first in-airport point of sale.

Soon Puressentiel’s Travellers Exclusive kits will also become available in several other airports in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. But Brussels will be first, as IDF is the first duty free company to launch Puressentiel in airports. Once again, IDF shows how it never stops introducing new and innovative concepts, services and brands for all passengers travelling in Belgium.

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