International Duty Free-Barbie
26Apr 2019

Celebrate Barbie’s 60th birthday at International Duty Free!

Bring out a cake with 60 candles: we’re celebrating the 60th birthday of Barbie, the most important fashion doll in the world who focuses on empowering and bringing out the endless possibilities in every girl!

For sixty years, Barbie has been championing girls, inspiring generations to believe in themselves through the power of imagination. Girls should know they have infinite choices in life – and no one represents that better than Barbie! After more than two hundred careers, six races to the presidency and a trip to the moon for Neil Armstrong, Barbie continues to evolve into a modern, powerful role model for all ages. There is no world, job or dream that women can’t handle: Barbie rightfully has the reputation of the ultimate emancipation brand for girls.

23Apr 2019

Travel in style with the new Ray-Ban collection!

Are you busy making plans for your summer travels? Whether you are cityhopping around Europe, discovering the hidden parts of Asia or living it large in the USA, a must-have in any travel luggage is a great pair of sunglasses. Ray-Ban sunglasses, known for their unique style and fashionable appearance, have continued to gain popularity since their launch over 75 years ago. Many celebrities are already part of the brand’s cult following, including super models, musicians and movie stars. No matter who you are or what your face shape is, what your style is or how old you are, these shades are for everyone.

The classic: the Aviator

The most well-knows pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses is, without a doubt, the Aviator model, designed in the early 1930s. This shape of glasses is popularly called “pilot’s frames”, as they were initially designed for aviation. The frame follows the eye socket and the contours of the face, so pilots are protected against the dangerous glare of sunlight while flying.

New shop at Brussels Airport, MAC, Jo Malone, La Mer
9Apr 2019

MAC – Jo Malone – La Mer now available at International Duty Free!

Good news for all fans of MAC, Jo Malone and La Mer. From now on you can find your favourite products in our new boutiques at Brussels Airport! Going on holiday? Pass by one of our new stores, either in terminal A or B, to discover these worldwide leading brands in make-up, perfume and skin care.

This month, not one but two new shops opened at Brussels Airport, to spoil our clients even more with some of their favourite brands!

First of all, we opened a shop in Terminal B, where you’ll be able to browse the collections of MAC and Jo Malone (as La Mer is already offered in the main store). Terminal A is the home of our second new store, featuring MAC, Jo Malone and La Mer. Both are spacious shops with the brands next to each other. You will be able to find your favourites all together and get advice of the best experts in their category!

International Duty Free-Swatch-spring/summer collection
4Apr 2019

New SWATCH collections are right on time for Spring break!

Next week, Belgium will enjoy 2 weeks of Spring break for the Easter Holiday. Time to put those school books aside, relax and enjoy some sunny drinks, explore a new country on a citytrip or maybe take a relaxing vacation to a warm destination?

If you’re travelling through Brussels Airport, be sure to stop by International Duty Free for the latest and greatest from Swatch!

For their Spring & Summer collection, Swatch introduces a futuristic mix of techniques and materials, vivid colors, street and pop art and lots of positive vibes for the hottest seasons of the year!

Swatch LISTEN TO ME collection

The LISTEN TO ME collection equals an action-packed trek through the urban jungle. Serving as canvas for all kinds of talents and exuding strength and confidence, their self-expression is making real change a reality.

Discover our favourites, such as the playful PINKAPIPPA, the stripy NIGHT SKY or the pastel MISS YACHT and many more. The message is clear – imagination has no limits!

International Duty Free-Neuhaus
26Mar 2019

Neuhaus Limited edition – Discover the Floral collection for Easter

Easter is just around the corner, the perfect moment to discover the new Neuhaus Limited Edition Floral collection!

The highlight of this Limited Edition collection is a series of five exquisite flower-infused pralines. Inspired by the season, Neuhaus’ Maîtres Chocolatiers fashioned these limited edition eggs, with hints of orange blossom, jasmine, rose, violet and lavender. A gentle reference to the awakening nature around us, and a true feast for all the senses.

The essence of spring captured in chocolate

Neuhaus’ Maîtres Chocolatiers have excelled themselves once more, putting the world’s finest ingredients to good use in creating a delightful seasonal collection.

Image: Neuhaus
Orange Blossom – Jasmine Tea – Rose – Violet – Lavender
International Duty Free-Ralph Lauren
19Mar 2019

Polo Ralph Lauren women’s collection has landed at Brussels Airport!

Discover the spring/summer collection of Polo Ralph Lauren for women. Grab your diaries! As of March 21st, fans of the Polo Ralph Lauren brand can shop the women’s collection in The Luxury Hall. Ralph Lauren stands for a casual chic, American style. With the Polo for Women collection, the brand represents a modern, well-dressed woman, mixing a casual look with a touch of bohemian romance.

The collection offers clothes for all occasions. For the office, they offer men’s styles re-imagined to the feminine, that bring a modern elegance to the basics of everyday life. For weekend walks, the new collection combines trends, with casual jackets, colorful mesh and silk. And for the seaside holidays, the iconic yacht club style is revisited with unexpected effects: sequined blazers, vintage flag prints, primary colors and leather …

International Duty Free-travel exclusive
12Mar 2019

New Travel Exclusive Whiskies at International Duty Free!

Whisky lovers, we have some Travel Exclusive Whiskies in store for you! Be sure to take them home on your next visit!


Whisky enthusiasts are all familiar with The Macallan: one of the first distillers in Scotland to be legally licensed, now one of the world’s leading single malt whiskies made with natural raw materials, combined with traditional methods and craftsmanship.

As a coveted Travel Exclusive, The Macallan release a yearly limited edition that is now available at International Duty Free! The first in the series, The Macallan Concept Number 1 is inspired by surreal art and incorporates innovative production techniques to create an exciting new single malt, crafted to explore maturation more imaginatively.

IDF-new collection
4Mar 2019


Get to know the Spring/Summer trends of 2019. As the spring months are approaching, we are looking forward to spring and summer fashion and all the beautiful colours, prints and cuts the new collection has in store for us this year! At International Duty Free, the new collection of some of our favourite brands has landed and is available for purchase. Time to go shopping for the perfect dress, t-shirt, skirt and shorts!

Guess Jeans

The contemporary collections of GUESS are a staple favourite with fashion enthusiasts worldwide. From lifestyle apparel to denim, handbags, watches and footwear: you can’t go wrong with GUESS in your wardrobe!

1Mar 2019

Game of Thrones limited edition whiskies: 8 special Game of Thrones whiskies now available at International Duty Free

In honour of the 8th and final season of Game of Thrones, HBO is collaborating with Diageo (the company behind e.g. Johnnie Walker, Guinness and Smirnoff) to create a limited edition of eight special single malt Scotch whiskies – one for each season.

Every Game of Thrones whisky is matched to each iconic House of Westeros. It is packaged in a protective case, decorated with the fictional house’s sigil. Archivist Joanne McKerchar researched the history of each region and distillery, to perfectly pair the characteristics of each blend and the ethos of the different Houses of Westeros.

House Greyjoys, for example, who are expert navigators, find their partner in Talisker, a single malt that is loved for its maritime character. House Stark, from the icy North, was paired up with Dalwhinnie, from the heart of the Scottish Highlands: a whisky that is at its best when enjoyed chilled or on the rocks.

This unique collection will be available in our stores in Brussels Airport as of March 1st 2019. It is a limited edition, so be sure to pick up a bottle of your favourite Game of Thrones house on your next visit!

International Duty Free- Aqua Allegoria
10Feb 2019

Guerlain Flora Cherrysia fragrance: worldwide avant première, only available at Brussels Airport

In February and March, International Duty Free is proud to present a traveller’s exclusive worldwide avant-première at Brussels Airport: Flora Cherrysia by Guerlain. The fragrance belongs to the Aqua Allegoria collection, the first collection of intensely fresh fragrances in perfumery created in 1999. With the heritage and expertise of Guerlain’s perfumers, dating back to the legendary Eau de Cologne Impériale in 1853, Guerlain’s perfumer creates each of the Aqua Allegoria with the freshness of a Cologne and the hold of a Guerlain perfume.

Flora Cherrysia is an eau de toilette that evokes an escape along the Sakura river shaded by blossoming cherry trees. A nap on the banks of a stream strewn with pink petals.  Flora Cherrysia, the spirit of cherry blossom sprinkled with water, with its delicate and fresh nashi, cherry blossom and notes of white musk.

Flora Cherrysia is a floral citrus fragrance in the Aqua Allegoria bottle, revisited with a light pearly pink gradient lacquering and with a colorful modern box.

Available in following stores: TA – Walkthrough, TA – Express, TA – Last Minute, TB – Walkthrough, TB – Duty Free.

Last year, Guerlain also chose International Duty Free for their new scent launch. Read all about it here!

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