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2Oct 2018


On October 1st, the Chinese National Holiday is the start of the second Golden Week in China. The first Golden Week, around Chinese New Year, and this second one, are weeks in which all Chinese businesses close their doors for a national holiday period in which lots of people take the opportunity to travel. The weeklong holiday enables both short-distance and long-distance trips, resulting in a boom of tourism all around the world.

To spoil the travelers coming through our airports during this Golden Week, we have some of their favourite brands in promotion in our shops. The ideal moment to spoil yourself during your trip, or to take some gifts home to family and friends!

Our promotions

Sisley are internationally recognized experts in the field of skincare. Its extensive range of products have been designed to meet the needs of different skin types and skin concerns: Makeup removal, cleansing, toning, daily skin care, nourishment, hydration, repair, firming, age-defense care, sun protection and special intensive treatments

Special promotion: when purchasing 2 Sisley products (perfume or skincare), you receive a specially designed make-up / toiletry bag. 

International Duty Free-Sisley

Estée Lauder is a visionary brand that makes every woman dream. Ever since the early days, their philosophy has been the same: the desire to give the best to each of us. Estée Lauder combines the best in research, innovation and service, resulting in avant-garde technology for care, professional make-up and perfumes.

Special promotion: when purchasing 2 Estée Lauder products (of which 2 are skincare), you receive a specially designed make-up / toiletry bag. 

International Duty Free-Estée Lauder

Shiseido is sold in 88 countries and regions Widely recognized for its best-selling Ultimune serum launched in September 2014, SHISEIDO offers a wide assortment of prestigious award-winning products in skin care, make up, sun protection, and fragrances.

Special promotion: when purchasing 2 Shiseido products (of which 1 is skincare), you receive a specially designed make-up / toiletry bag. 

International Duty Free-Shiseido

And last but not least: two items combining the best of flavours in the world of cognac and chocolate!

Our shops have a wide selection of XO cognacs, which carry the stamp ‘Extra Old’ when the distillate is at least ten years old, often with a silky texture and a rich, elegant taste. If you are looking for good cognac then this is the right category. Discover our range and be surprised by the different varieties.

Godiva’s legendary chocolate box is considered a true masterpiece by anyone who loves chocolate. The box contains a delicious assortment of Godiva’s most beloved quality chocolates, with a large selection of the finest fillings, so that everyone can find something to their liking.

Special promotion: when purchasing one XO Cognac, you’ll receive a free Godiva Gold Rigid box!

International Duty Free-Godiva


International Duty Free-Belgian Treasures
21Sep 2018

A bit of Belgium in your glass with our Belgian Treasures!

Being a Belgian company, we are proud of our Belgian heritage. Our country has more to offer than just delicious chocolate: we are also known for our exquisite diamonds, our tasty waffles, our world-renowned festivals, our cultural heritage and maybe most of all: our mouth-watering beers and other alcoholic beverages. With our Belgian Treasures selection, we are proud to be offering you a taste of these legendary Belgian brands!


The Belgian Filliers family founded its first distillery all the way back in 1792. Today, the distillery continues to produce genever using malt, wheat, maize and rye according to traditional methods. 3 new products are being added to their line-up:

  • Filliers Dry Gin 28 Pink, based on the authentic recipe by Firmin Filliers. The flavour of this award-winning gin is enhanced with raspberry and goji berries. Goji berries have a reputation as a superfood, originating in ancient Chinese medicine. They are said to repair muscles, protect against illness and – most important of all – to calm your soul.
  • Filliers Barrel Aged Genever 0 years old is a young and pure genever, which has never touched a single barrel. This results in a refreshing spirit that is ideal for many long drink cocktails.
  • Filliers Barrel Aged Genever 8 years old has been maturing in American Oak barrels for over 8 years. This aging tends to tame the juniper flavor but still gives a decent spicy kick. It’s ideal to drink as a mixer and fits perfectly as the base for any type of cocktail.

International Duty Free-Filliers

Belgian Owl

It all started when Etienne Bouillon, Master Distiller, wanted to diversify and develop the local agricultural industry through the creation of an excellent quality Belgian Single Malt Whisky using barley grown in Hesbaye, based on controlled agriculture. The final result is a signature whisky and a visiting card for the region: a complex single malt with the flavours of the local area.

One of their specialties, and a textbook example of their heritage, quality and expertise, is the Belgian Owl Identité single malt whisky. This indispensable drink is the result of the way they use their know-how to introduce the distillate to the oak wood. With tasting notes of pear, muscat, apple jam and vanilla, it will entice your tastebuds to a whole new level.

International Duty Free-Belgian Owl

Best of Belgium

If you’re unsure which brand to take home – sometimes it can be hard to choose from our extensive collection! – we suggest choosing our Best of Belgium giftbox. The perfect present, or maybe the ideal souvenir for yourself: a selection of 3 beers bring you a palet of flavours from some of our nation’s finest beers: Rodenbach, Brugge Tripel and Cornet.

Rodenbach was created by Pedro Rodenbach and his wife in 1836. However, it is Eugène Rodenbach whom Rodenbach has to thank for its unique quality and masterful character. As well as studying the vinification of beer, he optimised the maturation process in oak vats, or maturation casks. The world-renowned halls with 294 oak vats, some of which are 150 years old, are protected as part of the industrial heritage of the Flemish Community. Rodenbach is an exceptional Flemish red ale with a complex fruitiness and a fresh and sour taste.

Brugge Trippel, made in Bruges, has roots all the way to the Middle Ages. This was before the hop plant came to these shores and when brewers were using a herbal flavouring mixture called gruut. The Brugge Tripel retains a herbal aroma, a mark of this history. Tripel means that more raw materials than usual have been used. Tripels are, usually blonde in colour, with a strong flavour of malt and/or hop bitters.

Cornet was created in the 18th century by Theodoor Cornet, a steward of Diepensteyn Castle, for his Lord, the Count of Steenhuffel. This exclusive beer was brewed and stored in oak casks inside the castle. The Count would only serve it to important guests on special occasions. The fresh oak chips used during the brewing process give the beer its distinctive, vanilla flavour. A full-bodied, warm and unique flavour you have got to taste!

International Duty Free-Best of Belgium

Discover all these Belgian Treasures – and many more – in our IDF shops!


This content is not intended to be viewed by persons under the legal alcohol drinking age. Drink responsibly.

International Duty Free-60years
11Sep 2018

60 unforgettable years of International Duty Free

This year, we celebrate 60 years of International Duty Free: six weeks of celebration across all of our stores & departments. During six weeks, starting on September 10, we will go back in time to remember 6 decades of success!


Our celebration will be visible to all our clients, who can enjoy special promotions and competitions in honour of this ‘diamond anniversary’. We will have a giant cake displayed with different tiers, displaying our bestselling products throughout all those years; and each decade will be represented with matching products for one week in the Terminal A and B Walkthrough. If they spend €60 or more on these bestselling products, they will receive a delicious Neuhaus Gift Box for free! Entertainment is guaranteed with performances from Bob van der Leij in the Walkthrough stores on Wednesday, September 12th in Terminal A (12:00) and Terminal B (13:00).

Our passengers get special postcards in the shops, with pictures from our rich history. They will also be eligible to win 60 shopping vouchers worth €60 by entering the Anniversary Competition.

Our slogans

Our USPs and biggest assets will be put in the spotlight throughout all these celebrations, with slogans such as

  • « The biggest Belgian chocolate selection at the world’s best price »
  • « 60 years of bringing you the best brands at the best price»
  • « 60 years of bringing the Belgian touch to your airport shopping »
  • « The Biggest Perfumery in Belgium »
  • « Enjoy our lowest price guarantee » 
  • « Enjoy shopping now and collect when you return to Belgium »

Enjoy the festive atmosphere with us in all our offices, shops and boutiques from September 10 until October 31!

1Sep 2018

International Duty Free: A STORY OF 60 YEARS

In 1958, Belgian businessman Aldo Vastapane, created the first duty free shop at Brussels Airport; a retail proposal that, at the time, only existed at Shannon Airport in Ireland.

This proved to be a successful concept, as IDF kept growing over the years. It later extended its activities to Charleroi Airport, which has witnessed an impressive growth in passenger traffic over the last decade.

Today, IDF is a major player in the travel retail industry with an established presence in Europe, the Middle-East and Africa.

International Duty Free-timeline


The success of IDF was built on its strong, innovative, award-winning store concepts.


Passengers have been enjoying our stores for over 60 years and for good reason: they offer the perfect product mix within carefully selected product categories.

Thanks to our strong relationship with all international players, we have access to the newest product assortments and to numerous airport exclusivities.

Of course, we always make sure that our offers target our customers’ specific and seasonal needs.

International Duty Free-walkthrough


In addition to our walkthroughs, we also operate various multi-categories and standalone specialist stores offering the best of Beauty, Alcohol, Fine Food and Souvenirs categories.

All these store concepts are customer centric, aiming to offer an unforgettable shopping experience to every passenger. As to match the current market trends, we constantly evolve and adapt our brand portfolio.

International Duty Free-epicure


Hermès, Breitling, Longines, Omega, Tag Heuer, Chopard, Ermenegildo Zegna, Salvatore Ferragamo, Montblanc… are just some of the brands that have dedicated loyalty towards IDF. We maintain strong relationships with AAA luxury brands due to our high sales performance and our ability to convey each brand’s image with utmost respect to established guidelines.

International Duty Free- luxury hall


Belgium is famous worldwide for its luxury chocolate and “pralines”. We were able to turn this local specialty into a real success story : with 860 tons of chocolate sold each year, IDF is the biggest chocolate retailer worldwide. A sales performance never reached so far by any international airport retailer. With consumers now considering chocolate as a “daily luxury”, the market segment is also growing very rapidly.

The Belgian Chocolate House is our unique store concept. It showcases the top 4 Belgian chocolate brands : Neuhaus, Pierre Marcolini, Godiva and Corné-Port Royal.

Our TBCH concept has been widely recognized and awarded by industry experts; winning both the DFNI Best New Store Award in 2015 followed by the Mercury Award in 2017.

International Duty Free-The Belgian Chocolate House

International Duty Free-winter collection
22Aug 2018

The new winter collections in International Duty Free will be in shops soon

While most people are still enjoying the fabulous summer sun, we at IDF can’t wait to tell you all about the 2018 winter collections! Are you planning a plane trip soon? Then pop into one of our IDF shops at the airport to discover the new winter collections.

Longchamp unveils the new Amazone with Kendall Jenner as brand ambassador 

Longchamp was founded in 1948 by Jean Cassegrain in Paris, and has since been synonymous of creativity, authentic luxury and freedom. So it’s easy to see why the world-famous model Kendall Jenner was the obvious choice for the partnership, which also marks the brand’s 70th anniversary. “Kendall is a free-spirited, independent woman. She travels, she goes fast, always with style, “says Longchamp’s Artistic Director Sophie Delafontaine. The campaign features Kendall showing off the season’s new handbag, the Amazone. She models the new bag like a dynamic, strong, 21st century amazon. Take a closer look at this must-have in our IDF boutiques!

Essentiel’s new winter collection: you know you want it 

Just two years after the Belgian brand was founded in 1999, it opened new points of sale around the world. There are now 55 Essentiel shops and the brand has a presence in over more than 900 multi-brand shops in over 35 countries. This winter Essentiel has an amazing collection in store for you, With plenty of asymmetrical outfits, casual streetwear, elegant looks and creative combinations. Fashionistas will love the surprising colours and textures!

Paul&Shark new collection: the sportwear meets the design 

Founded in 1975 by the Dini family, Paul&Shark is today synonymous of Italian elegance and style, and offers a comprehensive range of Men’s, Women’s, Children’s clothing and Accessories collections available in 73 different countries.

Paul&Shark presents the highly innovative FW18 collection where craftsmanship meets with high technology. In the new collection you can find the water repellent leather garments treated to maintain their softness. High-tech combined with functionality and comfort. Discover in our IDF boutiques!

Be seen with Kipling 

Kipling, which was founded in Antwerp 31 years ago, is now sold in 68 countries. Did you know that the brand’s name was inspired by Rudyard Kipling, the author of the Jungle Book? Which also explains why you get a cute monkey with every Kipling item you purchase. Another fun fact: every monkey is named after a Kipling employee. Every two seconds a Kipling bag is sold somewhere around the world! You must see it to believe it. Something that Kipling finds very important. Which is why the brand has launched an eye-catching collection for the new school year called Be Seen! The best-selling SEOUL backpack is being relaunched as the brand-new SEOUL GO after a redesign. The backpack has reflective details so your child will always be seen.

Z Zegna makes a smooth impression with washable suits 

The Z Zegna collection continues to draw on a heritage of fine Italian craftsmanship. After a spring and summer version, the brand launches an innovative winter version of the Techmerino™ WASH&GO suit, which guarantees a superior fit in any situation. The suit is extremely light and soft, for maximum comfort and breathability. The suit can be washed at 30° in your machine and will come out just fine so you can look your best, day after day. The suits will be available from the IDF boutiques from September 1st 2018. What’s more, you receive a pair of Zegna Travel socks” in August 2018 in Luxury Hall Terminal A and B for every purchase of €350 or over.

IDF_promotions alcohol
15Aug 2018

Hydrate yourself during the heatwave with our refreshing promotions!

Lucky for us, the sun is still very much present and it seems like it’s here to stay a bit longer. We all know it’s important to drink enough water during a heatwave – but every once in a while, especially when enjoying the summertime on a terrace with friends and family, a cold beer or a refreshing cocktail can be a nice alternative!

Enjoy our summer promotions in August and refresh yourself with these delicious discounted drinks!

  • Rémy Martin Cellar 16 is a delicious cognac, ideal for summer evenings! Celebrating the aromatic diversity of our various aging cellars, Rémy Martin “Prime Cellar Selection” Cellar N°16 is a powerful cognac with intense vanilla notes. Drink it straight at room temperature, or even on ice, and enjoy the seductive vanilla and fruit flavors with a round, long, and pastry-like finish.

Right now, this Duty Free Exclusive in a 1L bottle is discounted -20%. The perfect moment to try it!

  • Corsendonk Agnus beer is a triple with a full golden color. It has a sweet and slightly spicy aroma with yeast and malt in the background. The taste is sweet and fruity in the beginning, but then the yeast and herbs give it a rich flavor with just a touch of coriander.

Ideally drunk cold for the ultimate refreshment, Corsendonk Agnus 0.75L is now discounted -10%. Cheers!

  • Tanqueray London Dry Gin is a perfect balance of four ingredients – juniper, coriander, angelica and licorice. The gin is distilled four times to ensure an exquisite flavor. Tanqueray N°TEN Gin embodies an extraordinary explosive full flavor of grapefruit, orange and lime, and Tanqueray Rangpur Gin adds rangpur (an exotic citrus from India with the spiciness of lime and the juiciness of mandarins), ginger and bay leaves to the original premium product to create an easily drinkable gin with a hint of citrus.

These three Tanqueray Gins are discounted -20% – get yours now for a refreshing gin & tonic or martini cocktail at your next summer barbeque!

RTL_news_International Duty Free
8Aug 2018

Take a look behind the scenes at International Duty Free

50.000 departing passengers at Brussels Airport

Summer months are the busiest period at Brussels Airport. Employees at the airport are working day and night to help in their travels. With more than 50.000 departing passengers, Monday July 30th was the busiest day of the year for Brussels Airport. RTL INFO, French tv channel, spoke with one of our colleagues, Thierry Impanis, warehouse worker at International Duty Free.

Brussels Airport, biggest selling point of chocolate in the world

Thierry Impanis: “Each day, 7 days a week, we are busy filling up the store shelves. From morning to evening”

Passengers can enjoy a relaxed shopping experience in the many shops at the airport while waiting for their flight. IDF, International Duty Free,  offers a wide selection of products ranging from perfumes and cosmetics to gastronomyfashionwines and spirits and even toys and sweets. Brussels Airport is the biggest selling point of chocolate in the world. Each year more than 800 ton of chocolate is sold at The Belgian Chocolate House , an initiative of International Duty Free, at the airport in Zaventem. That’s 1.4 kg of chocolate per minute, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

 Safety above all

Every day three trucks arrive at the airport filled with 20 carts full of products. These are 60 carts a day, filled with products that end up in the store shelves thanks to Thierry and his colleagues.

Working at the airport always involves a great responsibility. Nothing goes inside or outside without a thorough check. From the warehouse to the store shelves, the products are checked up to 4 times. Safety is therefore very important at the airport.

Watch the video here, from minute 2:55 you can hear the story of Thierry (only in French).

Image and video: RTL INFO

so waffelous-new brand
30Jul 2018

So Waffelous, real Belgian waffles

We are delighted to welcome a new brand in our IDF boutiques at Charleroi and Brussels airport. Launched in 2001 by two sisters, Belgian artisan waffle company So Waffelous offers a range of varied, authentic products. The different versions of the range are made following an ancestral recipe and are produced using noble ingredients. Moreover, the waffles are without preservative!

Travellers wanting to bring a slice of Belgium back in their suitcases will be delighted to take these waffles home with them.  Purists will adore the plain waffles whilst children and adults will love the chocolate-coated version of the Belgian specialty, which blends black chocolate with soft and sweet deliciousness. On a diet? Fear not! So Waffelous offers a range for the health-conscious: the brand’s plain waffles are also available in a “non-added sugar” version. Want some crunch? Waffle Crisps were made for you! The delightful plain waffles are crispy and crunchy for a moment of noisy albeit unadulterated joy! So Waffelous!

Wait not a moment longer and come and discover the delicious range in your favourite IDF boutique.

sweet-switch-new brand
25Jul 2018

Sweet-Switch: New brand in assortment

All pleasure, no sugar

Sweet-Switch stands for tasty and healthy. This new range of sweets and chocolates is delicious, made of the best quality ingredients, and actually contains no added sugars.

The range is designed for people who want to live a healthier lifestyle without giving up on their sweet tooth.

Stevia, a key ingredient

Enjoying sweet treats that contain no sugars is made possible by Stevia. Stevia is a 100% natural sweetener coming from an herb like plant. Its sweetening power is 300 times higher than sugar’s, but it contains zero calories and has a glycemic index of zero. Unlike some artificial sweeteners, Stevia causes no side effects.

A wide assortment

Sweet-Switch now offers a wide range of products: Belgian chocolate, of course, but also chocolate truffles, sweets and lollipops, biscuits, hazelnut spread and several fruit jams.

We picked a few favourites from the range:

Yummy Gummy Bears:

A sugar free, gelatine free and vegan friendly version of the all-time favourite gummy bear, in a resealable 150g pouch.

Chocolate Chip Cookies:

Delicious cookies with Belgian chocolate chips in 150g packs

Chocolate Almond Dragées:

A pouch of Southern European Almonds enrobed in Stevia sweetened smooth milk chocolate


Sweet-Switch is now available in select IDF shops : Charleroi main (Charleroi), TA Walkthrough, The Candy Shop and TB Welcome (Brussels Airport).

More product information is available on

16Jul 2018

Raise your glass to the sun with Veuve Clicquot!

Summer’s here in time: to celebrate the invention of the world-famous rosé champagne, the iconic sparkling wine brand releases two limited editions: Colorama Rosé Brut and Yellow Label Brut.

Veuve Clicquot’s obsession with colours did not happen by chance: intent that her wines should please the eye as much as the palate, in 1818 Madame Clicquot develops an innovative tool, the ridding table, which allows producing a crystal clear champagne. She firmly believed that the colour of the wine is as important as the taste it leaves in the mouth. Paying tribute to this philosophy, the Maison’s greatest offering is clad in magnificent yellow sun hues.

Discover the Colorama Rosé Brut and the Yellow Label Brut at the booth set up in the Walkthrough of Terminals A and B. Celebrate Madame Clicquot’s anniversary and purchase a bottle packaged in fun and customizable boxes. The limited edition is available all month and will prove the ideal door opener for this summer’s parties! Exclusive for travellers: a winking eye shopping bag on the theme of travel.