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Zadig & Voltaire
27Sep 2016

Zadig & Voltaire in a bottle

This season’s greatest event has finally arrived: Paris fashion brand Zadig & Voltaire celebrates its 20th anniversary with the launch of a duet of perfumes for him and for her. In its pure, graphic bottle (white for her, black for him), both fragrances evoke the brand’s rock and offset chick.

5Aug 2016

Clicquot Journey ~ Choose your destination

Go off and discover the world with Veuve Clicquot! Paris, New York, Rio, Sydney, Tokyo… are so many destinations that inspired the new elegant, novel Veuve Cliquot champagne packaging. Vintage signs and little suitcases dotted with souvenir stickers evoke the golden age of the first expeditions.

12Jul 2016

Cocktail time!

Summer’s here with its warm evenings, pale mornings and bottles of Cointreau! All you need to device refreshing cocktails. Since its creation in 1875, Cointreau is the LBD (little black dress) of aperitifs. Today, with the Cointreau Blood Orange, the renowned triple sec elaborated from a selection of sweet and bitter orange peel takes on a whole new dimension.

abercrombie fitch First instinct
5Jul 2016

Abercrombie & Fitch ~ FIRST INSTINCT

Abercrombie & Fitch is pleased to share its new fragrance ‘First Instinct’, developed exclusively with Inter Parfums.

Inspired by that first moment of attraction, when two people’s worlds collide and a spark is ignited, ‘First Instinct’ is the interpretation of that exciting first glance and the initial connection felt. That very moment can’t be defined in words, nor can it be anticipated.

azzaro wanted
1Jul 2016

Azzaro Wanted

Azzaro brand revisits the original values of its founder: the solarity, timeless seduction, hedonism, generosity, freedom and the exuberance and launch AZZARO WANTED, the scent of a man for whom everything is possible and everything turns out well.

the candy shop the belgian chocolate house
21May 2016


Great news for sweet teeth everywhere… the departure hall now houses two irresistible boutiques: The Candy Shop and the Belgian Chocolate House. With a choice between sweets and chocolates, little and large sweet teeth are going to be spoilt for choice.

welcome back
19May 2016


In the wake of the recent terror attacks that plunged Belgium into mourning, all services of the Zaventem airport were severely disrupted.

16May 2016

So chic, so British

Wimbledon fans know all about Fred Perry’s exploits in the thirties, when the English tennis player won the Davis Cup for the first time in 21 years, offering him a one-way ticket into the legend of tennis. Throughout his career, Perry would go on to win over twenty titles before taking a completely different direction.