15Oct 2019

K by Dolce & Gabanna: Celebrating a new era of masculinity

Dolce & Gabanna’s brand new fragrance captures the essence of a charismatic and generous spirit, of a man who is the king of his everyday life, cherishing his loved ones above all else. This man follows his own path and isn’t afraid to show his vitality. He remains true to his roots and respects tradition while also embracing modernity.

Inspiring, seductive and meticulously put-together

The fragrance instantly conjures the Italian countryside and the Mediterranean sun, while its warm embrace evokes the earthy scent of the Tuscan hills. The lingering trail of masculine seduction inspires and captivates. The sublime scent creates a crescendo of citruses, underpinned by sensual woods. K by Dolce & Gabanna is the result of a unique collaboration between renowned perfumers Daphné Bugey and Nathalie Lorson.

An unmistakably masculine scent: From blood orange and lemon to sage, lavandin, patchouli and cedarwood

The effervescence of zesty citruses is tinged with the fresh bite of juniper berry and warmed by calming sage, blended with geranium and lavandin. These notes are ignited by spicy pimento essence, an ingredient seldom used in perfumery, which adds a touch of heat at the heart of the fragrance and amplifies the masculine energy. The scent then unfolds to a base of sensual cedarwood, merged with earthy vetiver and the sweet spiciness of patchouli. Masculine and magnetic, K reflects and intensifies the charisma of a modern day king.

A unique bottle that mirrors the character of the fragrance and captures the spirit of modern masculinity

The flacon, much like the fragrance, fuses tradition and modernity. The chiseled, geometric bottle is topped by a unique crown of artistry, overlaid with particles of 24-carat gold and individually aged to a distinct patina. The crown is encircled with blue stone-like orbs set beneath a blue lapis dome that resulted from a process that recreates the natural marbling of the stone. The crowned letter K combines the traditional symbol of royalty with contemporary bold simplicity, capturing the spirit of modern masculinity.

Christmas is coming!

K by Dolce & Gabanna is the perfect Christmas gift for the modern time heroes in your life. The fragrance is available at our duty free shops in Brussels Airport and Charleroi Airport.

Belgian Treasures
1Oct 2019

100% Belgian: Discover the delicious combination of abbey beer and cheese

Belgium and beer belong together. Abbey beer is traditionally brewed by monks and our country has several well-known abbeys as well as many local specialty beers. Over time, the beer and cheese industry has grown and flourished. To this day, beers and cheeses are still one of Belgium’s most important export products.

The tasty goods are often enjoyed separately, but combining them really makes for an extra intense experience.

The ideal taste-process

You get the most out of the experience by carefully taking a sip of beer, after which you try a piece of cheese without crust and a piece with crust. Finally, you take another sip of beer. Make sure to pay attention to the different tastes and how they enhance each other. 

Our favorite Chimay products

19Sep 2019

International Duty Free is now part of Lagardère Travel Retail

International Duty Free (IDF) opens today a new era within its more than 60-year history: the company proudly joins the Lagardère Group through its Travel Retail branch, a worldwide leader operating 4.600 stores in “Travel Essentials”, Duty Free, Fashion and Foodservice in airports, train stations and other concessions in 38 countries.

The acquisition is nothing more than the natural next step in an industry where concentration is key in order to generate groups able to compete at worldwide level.

This is a fantastic opportunity for IDF to improve even more the service and offer it provides both its customers and its commercial partners. The teams are looking forward to working together and to give the “Belgian” touch to Lagardère Travel Retail operations.

Plenty of projects are in the pipeline! Stay tuned….

flight essentials
16Sep 2019

The best skin care products to use during long flights

Flying can make your skin look dehydrated and dull. It is important to treat your skin well before, during and after a flight to keep it dewy and glowing. Luckily, some of our favourite products are perfect to treat yourself with while traveling.  

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream: A must-have in your hand luggage

Elizabeth Arden’s award-winning Eight Hour Cream is a holy grail for many flight attendants. This wonderful cream calms, protects and hydrates your skin for up to eight hours! It’s an all-in-one beauty balm that can also be used on your lips, hair, eyebrows, hands, nails, and so much more. It can even be used as a highlighter on your cheeks! The Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream is definitely a must-have for every traveller!

Price: €27,90
essentiel-winter collection
3Sep 2019

100% Belgian: Essentiel Antwerp’s 2019 Pre-Fall & Fall/Winter Collection

Prepare yourself for a fashion throwback with Essentiel’s Pre-Fall Collection

Prepare yourself for a fashion throwback with Essentiel’s Pre-Fall Collection. From lace blouses and nylon tracksuits to shimmering bomber jackets. This collection has it all. The designers recreated the ultimate ‘80s vibe with eye-catchers like power suits, knee-high boots and gorgeous floral dresses. The prints, based on actual vintage patterns, are truly a work of art.

Other retro-inspired must-haves are the neon sneakers, the velour jumpers and, of course, the classic trench coats. Finish your look with a statement necklace or a huge pair of earrings to add some glam to the vintage/retro vibe. Nostalgia at its finest!

Get your wardrobe ready for winter

For the Fall/Winter Collection of this year, Essentiel Antwerp uplifts more masculine styles with a feminine touch. With a new interpretation of ’80s glamour, the collection is a celebration of fierce femininity, confidence, empowerment and class.

Bad Boy - Carolina Herrera
19Aug 2019

Eau de Toilette Bad Boy: An innovative and explosive aroma for the rebel men

Carolina Herrera’s latest eau de toilette is a powerful and sophisticated scent for unique men who embrace contemporary manhood. Bad Boy celebrates new masculinity, multifaceted and surprising, and is a tribute to empowered men and to the pure duality of manhood. Men are strong and sensitive, heroic and vulnerable, powerful and empathetic.

An exquisite perfume built around contrast and rich ingredients, contained in an impressive, powerful flacon

The eau the toilette is surprising, powerful, sexy and elegant. It is built around opposites. The luminosity of the sage, black and white pepper, and bergamot contrasts with the obscurity of cacao, tonka bean and amber wood. The duality reflects the unique and complex personality of a true Bad Boy.

Gaugin-Brussels Airport
8Aug 2019

GauGin: An artisan Belgian gin with Spanish roots

In 2015, Paul Van den Heuvel started experimenting with honey, fruit and spices on a unique estate in Andalusia. GauGin was created in two flavours: GauGin I, and orange flavoured, GauGin II, lemon flavoured and later GauGin Classic was added to the range.

Juniper, wild thyme, lavender, wild rosemary and wild sage are of great importance in the production of the gins, besides orange and lemon. In total, twenty-seven carefully selected sun-ripened fruits and high-quality herbs grant GauGin its particularly delicious taste and unique character.

An exclusive gin with the very best from nature

GauGin is distilled in small batches in a small craft distillery. The gin is made the traditional way, using organic products, and the beautiful estate is situated right in the middle of an ecologically valuable area.

30Jul 2019

Delicious and healthy: Balance chocolate

Balance unites delicious enjoyment and healthy living by creating heavenly guilt-free chocolate. Balance is clearly more than just a chocolate brand. The products, created with your body’s needs in mind, contain more fibre, more taste and extra cocoa.

Balance states that it’s not the sugar that makes chocolate delicious, it’s using great ingredients that makes the difference. You can really taste the brand’s love for chocolate!

Over the past twenty years, Balance has grown a lot and is constantly innovating with new flavours and combinations. The products are already being sold in over forty countries, so the future definitely looks chocolatey!

100% love for chocolate

100% Chocolate Love is an extension of the Balance range without sugar or sweeteners. Instead, the chocolate is sweetened with chicory root fibres, which makes for a unique taste. A lot healthier than the average chocolate bar containing approximately 40% sugar and at least just as tasty, if not tastier!

The dietary fibre contributes to a balanced and active intestinal flora, blood sugar levels remain more stable compared to regular chocolate, and the number of calories is lower. The 100% Chocolate Love range is suitable for diabetics, but is definitely also an added value for the standard consumer.

22Jul 2019


Paco Station to the rescue!

Refuel your sexiness before your flight
with the fragrance of your choice.

3 testing pump are presented to discover the fragrances.

Let the Paco Rabanne team help you pick your fuel
at the paco rabanne podium from July 16th until July 31st in your main TB shop
and from August 1st until August 15th in your main TA shop.

International Duty Free-Benefit
17Jul 2019

Benefit products now available at International Duty Free!

In need of a brow make-over, or looking for some amazing cosmetic products for your trip? You’ll love Brussels Airport’s newest addition to their already impressive beauty brand line-up: Benefit!

The number one brow brand in the world started when identical twins Jean and Jane Ford opened a small beauty shop in San Francisco in 1976. Their approach was fun with kitsch packaging and quirkily named products that were a complete opposite to other cosmetic brands of that time.

Benefit-International Duty Free
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