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Jack Daniel
16Oct 2017

Jack Daniel’s Singel Barrel Personal Collection

IDF exclusively offers to passengers going through Brussels Airport an exceptional selection of mythical bourbon whiskey Jack Daniels (singel barrel), which was especially selected for IDF.Once the Master Distiller has carefully selected each cask, each bottle is placed on the top shelves of the cellars, where intense variations in temperature encourage the exchange of flavours between the oak casks and the whiskey. The result is a particularly flavoursome alcohol and varies with each cask. Once it is bottled, the whiskey is hand-labelled and each bottle bears its cask number reference and bottling date.

You will find this unique whiskey in Terminal A & B’s walkthrough and in the Gourmet-Epicure boutique in Terminal A. Since this exclusive offer is limited to 288 bottles, don’t waste a second longer and pick up yours soon.


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