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2Oct 2018


On October 1st, the Chinese National Holiday is the start of the second Golden Week in China. The first Golden Week, around Chinese New Year, and this second one, are weeks in which all Chinese businesses close their doors for a national holiday period in which lots of people take the opportunity to travel. The weeklong holiday enables both short-distance and long-distance trips, resulting in a boom of tourism all around the world.

To spoil the travelers coming through our airports during this Golden Week, we have some of their favourite brands in promotion in our shops. The ideal moment to spoil yourself during your trip, or to take some gifts home to family and friends!

Our promotions

Sisley are internationally recognized experts in the field of skincare. Its extensive range of products have been designed to meet the needs of different skin types and skin concerns: Makeup removal, cleansing, toning, daily skin care, nourishment, hydration, repair, firming, age-defense care, sun protection and special intensive treatments

Special promotion: when purchasing 2 Sisley products (perfume or skincare), you receive a specially designed make-up / toiletry bag. 

International Duty Free-Sisley

Estée Lauder is a visionary brand that makes every woman dream. Ever since the early days, their philosophy has been the same: the desire to give the best to each of us. Estée Lauder combines the best in research, innovation and service, resulting in avant-garde technology for care, professional make-up and perfumes.

Special promotion: when purchasing 2 Estée Lauder products (of which 2 are skincare), you receive a specially designed make-up / toiletry bag. 

International Duty Free-Estée Lauder

Shiseido is sold in 88 countries and regions Widely recognized for its best-selling Ultimune serum launched in September 2014, SHISEIDO offers a wide assortment of prestigious award-winning products in skin care, make up, sun protection, and fragrances.

Special promotion: when purchasing 2 Shiseido products (of which 1 is skincare), you receive a specially designed make-up / toiletry bag. 

International Duty Free-Shiseido

And last but not least: two items combining the best of flavours in the world of cognac and chocolate!

Our shops have a wide selection of XO cognacs, which carry the stamp ‘Extra Old’ when the distillate is at least ten years old, often with a silky texture and a rich, elegant taste. If you are looking for good cognac then this is the right category. Discover our range and be surprised by the different varieties.

Godiva’s legendary chocolate box is considered a true masterpiece by anyone who loves chocolate. The box contains a delicious assortment of Godiva’s most beloved quality chocolates, with a large selection of the finest fillings, so that everyone can find something to their liking.

Special promotion: when purchasing one XO Cognac, you’ll receive a free Godiva Gold Rigid box!

International Duty Free-Godiva


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