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2Oct 2017

Get moving with the SKIN

Designed in 1997, Swatch’s renowned SKIN watch remains as revolutionary today as it did when it was launched. The thinnest watch in the world epitomises highly technological, and timelessly elegant Swiss watchmaking. Its affordability allied with top quality mechanisms and elements have crossed decades with unfailing success and throughout time, it has become an indispensable fashion accessory.

Today, the cult watch continues to evolve. Swatch unveils a new collection of eleven pure, minimalist watches available in two sizes, for men and women. The new design integrates an innovative, double injection bicolour case, a sophisticated watch dial and elegant and contemporary “cut gem” crown. The bracelet is as light as ever, and you’ll forget that you have something around your wrist in an instant.

Swatch’s SKIN will accompany you every minute of every day. So carefully choose between the famously discreet “nude” SKINSKIN and the featherlike SKINCIEL with its pure, graphic lines. Alternatively, set your heart on the metallic SKINMESH with meshed stainless steel bracelet. Whatever you choose, don’t wait a minute longer and discover these models.

On 07.09.2017, 9 new models of Swatch’s SKIN collection will complete our assortment.