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6Nov 2017

Gentleman Givenchy

In its elegant, simple and contemporary glass flask, Gentleman Givenchy is the emblematical fragrance of today’s gentleman. Just like its original predecessor in 1975, the distinguished perfume breaks with the codes of today’s male perfumery. Gentleman Givenchy is not for every male but will perfectly suit men who assume their tenderness and that feminine side that seduces women to their core.
Whilst the original 1975 scent was a powerful variation on the theme of patchouli, master-perfumers Nathalie Lorson and Olivier Cresp intentionally chose the powdery, stylish softness of irises for the heart note. The suave pear that conveys a surprising sweet trait enriches this surprising flower. Another facet of the perfume materializes in the patchouli of the bottom notes mixed with resolutely masculine leather and fern. The whole creates a masculine fragrance with a nuanced yet strong personality, just like today’s man.

Discover the new Gentleman Givenchy at Brussels Airport:
Terminal A: Walkthrough, Express, and Last Minute Shop
Terminal B: Walkthrough and Welcome Store and
in the Walkthrough of Brussels South Charleroi airport.