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Is it advantageous to make my purchases at the airport?
Yes, of course. At International Duty Free you enjoy the “Lowest Price Guarantee” with up to 20% reductions compared with local retail recommended prices, and from “Best Buys” promotions all year round. Even when you travel inside the European Union.

Does IDF has a price guarantee?
International Duty Free guarantees the best possible prices in Belgium on a selection of perfumes, cosmetics, watches, jewellery, sunglasses, prestigious Belgian chocolates, fashion, accessories, and much much more…

Don’t feel like taking your shopping on-board? Why not make your purchases upon your return?
Enjoy great prices upon your return too! You may not have been aware of this, but you can also enjoy the great prices of the Zaventem Duty Free boutiques upon your arrival at Brussels Airport Terminal A. Shopping at the airport has never been easier: Upon your return, just go through the shopping alleys where you will find our “Tax-Free” boutiques and benefit from the same unbeatable prices as upon your departure, except for some products such as alcohol and tobacco.

But no worries, you can also order online 24/7, to save time. Visit our webshop: www.internationaldutyfreeonlineshop.com, place your order and pick the delivery method that suits you!

What are the general conditions?
1. Complaints can only be considered upon presentation of the original receipt.
2. In the event of a lack of conformity, complaints must be notified either by email customers@idfgroup.be or by letter
Plc. International Duty Free Belgium
Vliegveld 132a
1820 Steenokkerzeel – Belgium
3. within a period of two months from the date of detection of such lack of conformity, failing which the right to initiate legal proceedings will lapse. In the event of timely notification, a voucher valid for 6 months may be granted.
4. In all other cases, exchanges can only be done within maximum 1 month after the purchasing date, provided the article to be exchanged has not been used, is still in its original packaging and is in perfect condition. For seasonal items, the exchange will not be accepted outside the season of purchase. Fashion items sold in sales or in promotion cannot be exchanged. For security reasons, we are not allowed to exchange goods containing liquid and/or gel.

Lowest Price Guarantee

What does Lowest Price Guarantee mean?
International Duty Free guarantees the best prices available in Belgium on a selection of luxury items and prestigious brands, once you find the “Lowest Price Guarantee” label next to an item.
You are sure to buy perfumes, alcohols, watches, jewellery, sunglasses, ready-to-wear items, accessories, chocolates from prestigious Belgian brands, and other luxury products at an unbeatable price.

How can I get the difference?
– Send us your purchase receipt, the flyer or a photo of the promotion in the shop. Our price promise is only valid for promotions in physical stores (no online shops) in Belgium. Don’t forget to state your account number.

– Make sure that the time of the promotion and the time of the alert (Lowest Price Guarantee) fall in the same week.

– Kindly send us all the requested information in writing and within the month, at the following address:
Vliegveld 132a
1820 Steenokkerzeel

– We will reimburse the price difference for all identical items that are eligible.

– The following shall not be considered eligible: on sale products, stock sales or products from a retailer who filed for bankruptcy; shops that only cater to professional customers; shops outside Belgium; online shops; promotions that are only valid for a limited number of customers or promotions for which the customer must save up stamps.


Preparing my purchases

Can we order products?
Of course, insofar as the products are in the assortment of International Duty Free brands! The easiest solution is to contact International Duty Free directly (during office hours) on +32 2 715 10 20 or via email: customers@idfgroup.be . Our team will deal with your request immediately and your purchase will be available at the airport on your departure day.

You can also order via our webshop: www.internationaldutyfreeonlineshop.com. A large assortment of products is available and you can choose out of the following delivery methods; Pick-up at departure, Pick-up at arrival, Pick-up downtown or Home Delivery.

You can also order your watch, jewel or handbag of your dreams via this form and pick it up on the day of your flight.

What are the shops’ opening hours?
International Duty Free shops are open every day of the year, including Sundays and holidays. Generally speaking, we are accessible from 6 a.m till 8 p.m., although some shops open from 4.30 a.m. and others close at 10 p.m. We invite you to browse through our shops page to view opening hours.

But no worries, you can also order online 24/7, to save time. Visit our webshop: www.internationaldutyfreeonlineshop.com, place your order and pick the delivery method that suits you!

After sales service

How can I contact the after sale service?
Our team is there to help you. Contact International Duty Free (during office hours) on +32 2 715 10 20 or by email:customers@idfgroup.be . So even if you’re not about to hop on another plane, International Duty Free will handle the after sale service for you.

Is it possible to exchange a product purchased at the International Duty Free shops?
Our team is there to help you. Contact International Duty Free (during office hours) on +32 2 715 10 20 or by email:customers@idfgroup.be .

Spirits and tobacco

Are alcohol and tobacco purchases limited?
Authorized quantities depend on the country of destination, as the latters determines importation limitations.

Is it true that spirit bottles on sale at the airport have a different capacity than those available on the local market?
Indeed, most of the bottles of spirits (over 20° alcohol content) sold at the airport have a 1L-capacity, whereas local bottles of spirits have a 0,70L capacity. So you still enjoy the best quantity/price ratio.

Liquids & Gels

What are you allowed to take on board of a plane?
For security reasons the quantity of liquids and gels in your hand baggage is strictly limited. Likewise, pointed or blunt items that may be used as a weapon are not allowed in the cabin. Most of these are allowed on board as hold baggage with the exception of goods that are traditionally qualified as dangerous.

What are ‘liquids & gels’?

  • Water and other drinks, soup, syrup, …
  • Care products: contact lens solution, creams, lotions and oils, shampoo, perfumes, shaving foam, hairspray, hair and shower gels, toothpaste, mascara, lipstick, lip gloss, deodorants, …
  • Food products including runny cheeses, chocolate spread, jam, yoghurt, peanut butter, …
  • Liquid medicines including cough syrup, …
  • Liquid-solid mixtures such as foods in sauce, …
  • Fluids in pressurised spray cans including deodorants, hairspray, …
  • Sprays including eau de toilette, perfume, …
  • Gels including hair gel, cooling gels, …
  • Pastes including chocolate spread, peanut butter, toothpaste, …
  • Any other product of similar consistency.

Miles & More

How can I claim my miles?
You will find more information on the Miles & More page.


How long before my flight should I arrive at the airport?
Some airlines wait as long as possible to close their check-in; in some cases they only close 30 minutes before the scheduled departure time. Other airlines close their check-in 45 minutes to 1 hour before the scheduled departure time. Most airlines open their check-in two to four hours before the scheduled departure time of a given flight; airlines that serve many destinations from their airport of departure are permanently open and may allow you to check in hours in advance.
Exact details on the opening and closing hours of the check-in are usually available on the airline’s website or in the documents that were sent together with your ticket. If you booked your flight through a travel agent, they will normally be able to give you this information. In general passengers are advised to arrive at check-in two hours ahead of their scheduled departure time. This is a recommendation, not an obligation. Passengers are themselves responsible for arriving on time at the check-in desks and the boarding gate even if they are late owing to circumstances beyond their control (car broke down, public transport delays, problems with identity papers,…).

What can I import in Belgium when I get back from a trip ?
This information is available in Dutch or French on a leaflet published by Belgian Customs.

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