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12Jul 2016

Cocktail time!

Summer’s here with its warm evenings, pale mornings and bottles of Cointreau! All you need to device refreshing cocktails. Since its creation in 1875, Cointreau is the LBD (little black dress) of aperitifs. Today, with the Cointreau Blood Orange, the renowned triple sec elaborated from a selection of sweet and bitter orange peel takes on a whole new dimension.

Cointreau Blood Orange is nothing less than a delicious liqueur allying the robustness of bitter orange to the rounded sweetness of blood oranges. Bernadette Langlais, master distiller at Cointreau, selected the best blood oranges from Corsica to elaborate this new creation. The combination of Mediterranean sunshine with the rocky soil of the island gives these oranges an exceptionally intense aroma and refined flavor. These exclusive citrus fruit gave a liqueur with truly unique fruity notes.

Cointreau Blood Orange is a ‘Travel Retail Exclusive’and is available in:
Terminal A: Walkthrough, Terminal B: Chocolates, Gourmet’s Corner, Alcohol & Tobacco.


cointreau blood orange

50ml Cointreau Blood Orange, 20ml fresh lime juice, 100ml soda water.

Squeeze the wedges of half a lime into a glass. Fill the glass with ice, add Cointreau and top off with soda water. Garnish with small slices of lime.

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