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Claim a refund

Claim a refund

Did you find the exact same item at a lower price than the one you paid at our stores, despite our efforts to offer you the lowest possible price?

Only cigarettes, tobacco products and the goods that are intended for immediate consumption from the category “Food on the Go” (e.g.: bottle of water or soda, salads, sandwiches, wraps, …) are excluded from the action.

Please fill out the online form below with all the requested information within 30 days after your purchase :

  • A copy of your International Duty Free (IDF) purchase receipt (please make sure the ticket number at the bottom of the purchase receipt is visible).
  • A proof of the same product at a lower price with the date, the store and a picture of it (e.g. with a smartphone it is possible to make a screenshot with the date and location details of the picture).
    In order to prove that it is the same product, please make sure that the brand, the reference, the content and the description of the product is visible.
  • Or a proof of the same product at a lower price in a folder of a Belgian brick and mortar shop (please make sure the date of the promotion is visible, as well as the product details, content and the brand name).
  • Your personal details and your IBAN bank account. Please provide us with your code SWIFT for international reimbursement.

Please remember that our action is only valid in relation to the price all taxes included on products in brick and mortar stores (no web shops) in Belgium and make sure that the time of the purchase in our store and the time of the price in the other store falls within the stated period.

International Duty Free will only proceed to refund the difference TWICE or ONCE if all the requested information is complete and accurate.

The refund will be executed within 2 months after complete and accurate request.

International Duty Free reserves itself the right to conduct a price and availability check of the product at the competitor, before sending a refund.

We will deal with your requests during office hours:

From Monday to Friday: 8:30 a.m.- 5:00 p.m.

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