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1May 2019

Celebrate the Gin Festival at Brussels Airport!

Are you ready for sunny weather and refreshing cocktails? Nothing says summer like a gin and tonic with your friends after a hard day’s work. Prepare for the cocktail season with the Gin Festival, from May 1st until May 31st at Brussels Airport!

During the month of May, passengers traveling through Terminal A at Brussels Airport are in for a tasty treat in the Walkthrough stores: four gin brands are offering delicious gin tastings!

Discover VIRUNGA gin: on May 8th, 9th and 10th

Belgium’s Virunga Gin draws its essence from the foggy forests overlooking the Virunga volcanoes of central Africa. A blend of rare African botanicals, robust and tender, in the shadow of the discrete inhabitants of these mountains: the mountains gorillas. Virunga’s choice to produce a gin with African inspirations goes beyond a supply of rare plants from these regions: the brand contributes to the conservation of the critically endangered mountain gorillas and their habitat by supporting the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund.

A treat for all senses, with botanicals such as juniper, coriander, citrus, mandarin, raspberry, pepper, rose, angustura and jasmine.

Discover BOMBAY gin: on May 15th, 16th and 17th:

Creating the finest gin possible takes the highest quality raw ingredients. Bombay uses up to 12 precious botanicals suspended above the spirit in perforated copper baskets during distillation. That way, as the heated spirit vapours rise, they’re gently infused with all the rich aromatic flavours our botanicals release. Which one is your favourite?

Bombay Sapphire: a perfect reflection of Bombay’s rigorous selection process and uncompromising approach to creating fresh, clean, bright flavours – perfect for creating exceptional mixed drinks. Their world famous gin, known for its distinctive blue bottle, contains 10 hand-selected botanicals from exotic locations around the world.

Bombay Dry: a classic London dry gin with a more traditional taste with strong juniper flavours and a powerful dry finish, using eight exotic botanicals. Bombay Dry is still based on the same time-honoured recipe from 1761. Our unique vapour infusion process, used to distil all Bombay gins, delicately extracts the best from each botanical.

Gin-Tonic recipe with Bombay Sapphire gin

Create a quick and classic gin-tonic cocktail by mixing 50 ml Bombay Sapphire with 100 ml premium tonic water and adding a dash of lime.

Enjoy Bombay with a -20% discount during the month of May!

Discover WATERLOO gin: on May 22nd, 23rd, and 24th

Belgium’s Waterloo Brewery has produced the finest traditional beers for 500 years and has now rekindled an old tradition by distilling high-quality gin. Waterloo Gin is distilled from beer, and various spices and herbs are added during the distillation process to create its distinct flavour. Choose your favourite from these two delicious options:

Waterloo Gin: this premium Gin is characterized by floral notes as well as lemon and spice aromas with subtle touches of aniseed, fennel, cumin and lavender. A treat to be enjoyed straight or in the finest cocktails!

Waterloo Gin Oak Infusion: by adding oak wood, this gin is given its amber colour and an aromatic note of vanilla. For the most sophisticated palates!

Discover FILLIERS gin: on May 28th, 29th and 21st

Belgium’s pride, Filliers Dry Gin 28, is a handcrafted premium gin, infused and distilled with 28 botanicals carefully selected by the master distiller. It fully expresses the traditional craftsmanship of Filliers, developed after decades of authentically distilled genever.

With a small-scale production process in modest-sized copper stills (alembics) of 500 to 1000 litres, the Master Distillers monitor and maintain the quality and flavour of each drop of gin. Discover two extraordinary gins:

Filliers Barrel Aged: a unique gin that rests in French medium charred Limousin oak barrels (300l), originally used for cognac for four months before being bottled. Barrel-aging tends to tame the flower and citrus notes in the gin and enhance the rounder, softer notes, as well as touches of vanilla, flowers and liquorice.

Filliers Pink: enhanced with raspberry and goji berries. Goji berries have a reputation as a superfood, originating in ancient Chinese medicine. They are said to repair muscles, protect against illness and – most important of all – to calm your soul.

Gin-Tonic recipe with Fillers Gin 28 Barrel Aged

Feel like a refreshing gin & tonic? Mix 5cl of Filliers Gin 28 Barrel Aged with 15cl of quality tonic and a few juniper berries for a tasty twist!

Gin-Tonic recipe with Fillers Gin 28 Barrel Aged

Visit the Walkthrough stores in Terminal A during the month of May for your own personal gin tasting experience. Cheers!

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