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11Sep 2017

Back to school with Kipling

Now that our little monsters are about to go back to school, they’ll be looking for a new bag and that little extra bit of encouragement. Kipling’s light and resistant nylon mesh bags are ready to accompany kids throughout the school year – week and weekend.

The ethnic, brightly coloured Art M bag and its assorted blue and pink furry monkey key-holder will shadow children and mums everywhere. Its capacity and volume make it the ideal luggage for schoolbooks, files or a gym kit. Additionally, you can change its size thanks to its adjustable corners according to the whims and needs of the moment.

Hugely useful for any shopping trip worth its name, the Art M is a perfect travel companion. A clever, flexible back pocket morphs into a handle through which you can fit the retractable handle of your suitcase. You’ll never go anywhere without your Kipling, which will soon prove an indispensable ally for the next year’s homework/shopping trips!