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13Apr 2017

Aperol: taking your taste buds (and buddies) on holidays

The bright orange Aperol evokes sun, holidays and the joys of a shared cocktail between friends. Created in Padova, the aperitif owes its subtle fragrance and flavour to a secret recipe that hasn’t changed since 1919: the delicate blend of sweet and bitter oranges suggests a clever dosage of herbs and roots.

The low alcohol content of Aperol (11%) and slightly bitter taste will prove an ideal base for all your cocktails, including the world-famous Aperol Spritz. The recipe could not be easier: take a large tumbler and pour 3 doses of Prosecco with 2 doses of Aperol, drizzle a little soda water and that’s it! Simply add some ice cubes and a thin slice of orange. Your friends will toast your mixologist talents!

Don’t forget to visit the Piazza Aperol Spritz in Zaventem’s Terminal A walkthrough.

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