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Foie gras

Enjoy the best things in life

Get ready for the Christmas season and let your mouth water in anticipation of gastronomic and authentic repasts to be enjoyed with your friends and family.


A whiff of Christmas future ~ Giorgio Armani

Now that Christmas is just around the corner, take advantage of the great promotions in the perfume shop. From 15 November to 1 December, Giorgio Armani’s perfumes star in the Christmas show and sparkle brilliantly with two gift boxes for men and women.

givenchy gentleman

Gentleman Givenchy

In its elegant, simple and contemporary glass flask, Gentleman Givenchy is the emblematical fragrance of today’s gentleman. Just like its original predecessor in 1975, the distinguished perfume breaks with the codes of today’s male perfumery. Gentleman Givenchy is not for every male but will perfectly suit men who assume their tenderness and that feminine side that seduces women to their core.

Comeos Mercuriusprijs

The Belgian Chocolate House has won the 2017 Mercury Prize!

COMEOS, the Belgian federation for retail and services, presented its Mercury Award on Wednesday, 25 October 2017. The Belgian Chocolate House (TBCH) is proud to have been voted the winner: the Mercury Award is a prestigious award reserved exclusively for the most successful retail concept of the year.

mid season sale NEWS

Mid Season Sale – Sales ahead!

Luxury lovers looking for a great deal (and who isn’t!), get your pens ready and take out your agenda. If you are planning to travel between 26 October and 12 November, enjoy the mid-seasons sales at Brussels and Charleroi airports and benefit from an extra 30% on some of the world’s best leather goods and ready-to-wear brands.

Emporio Armani YOU


Emporio Armani’s new perfumes, “Because it’s YOU” for her and “Stronger with You” for him, work like a lovers’ dialogue. The two sensuous, pure bottles bear the mark of a double ring, sign of eternal love, and enter in an interchange of design and scents through complementary albeit completely singular scents and designs.

aura mugler

Aura joins the Mugler constellation

The name of Mugler’s brand new perfume starts with an “A”, like all the other creations of the fashion house: Aura, Angel, A*Men and Alien. “A” like Animal too, as this fragrance pays tribute to the animal instinct that lies in all of us and links us to nature.

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