Is there a superior way to honor the women around you than by offering a box of chocolates with a 10% reduction? We think not! What’s more, we feel that one day doesn’t do women justice, so we’ll extend the offer the whole month. Rejoice with the other women Godiva's brand new limited edition: the Messages Tout Chocolat chocolate box.

Pleasure your loved ones to a box filled with four brand new flavors and boasting amusing and quirky and inspirational messages “love”, “luck”, “joy” and “Zen”, which are coutiously painted on the crispy, crunchy chocolate coat. 

Godiva’s great conversation starters will prove a marvelous, enduring gift… Ideal for women everywhere, and (if they deserve it) the men around them.

Available in IDF stores and in our online shop

Let’s celebrate Ireland during March and enjoy Saint Patrick’s Day. Don’t miss this occasion to stock up your bar with a 20% reduction on four world famous whiskies. Sláinte !

The renowned Cork whisky in the green bottle is made from a fruity blend with a high content of pure pot still whisky. The golden yellow ambrosia reveals fruity and spicy aromas (peach).

Bushmills Original
Best-known assembly of the Old Bushmills distillery, this triple distilled whisky is still made according to the ancestral, 400 years old recipe. The popular whisky boasts suave notes of fruit, honey and vanilla.

Black Bush
The Bushmills’ high range tipple contains more than 80% single malts. Its intense aromas perfectly marry dried fruit and Christmas cake. This typically Irish whisky is aged in oak barrels formerly used for Xeres Oloroso.

Bushmills 10 years
The most famous Irish single malt aged for more than ten years in American oak caskets used for bourbon. The extremely fine, simultaneously full-bodied and smooth whisky allies flavours of caramel, chocolate and vanilla.

The four whiskies are on sale on the IDF webshop and in the Brussels Zaventem and Charleroi airports.


With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, this is the ideal moment to discover Cartier’s latest olfactory contribution, “Baiser Fou”, a flower-filled hymn to love with an unforgettable trail.

A golden top adorned with a bright red cabochon tops the flawless crystalline bottle. Playful yet modern Baiser Fou is a vibrant homage to orchids, the brand’s fetish bloom. Imagined by perfume creator Mathilde Laurent, the sumptuous stem vase reflects the fragrant facets of the most feminine, sensuous flowers of all. The trail lingers like so many red lipstick kisses… spiritedly teasing the senses.

Cartier’s Baiser Fou is exclusively on sale on the IDF webshop and in the Brussels Zaventem and Charleroi airports.

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